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CPD accredited courses

 Conor Mc Donagh, Specialist Occupational Therapist and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner (BSc,BA, PGcert) presents:


'An Introduction to Sensory Integration'

Just For $20

  • Understand the senses, patterns of sensory integration dysfunction and how sensory issues impact on children's behaviours. The course looks at strategies to manage sensory issues and environments

  • Open to all, suitable for parents, health care workers and schools  

  • 2 hours of live content delivered by and Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner

  • Course:

    'Sensory processing disorders, theory based sensory strategies and designing sensory spaces'

    This course is suitable for

  • Parents/carers 

  • School Staff

  • Health Professionals

  • Overview: 5 modules of content:

  • You will learn about Sensory Integration, our senses and the role of the central nervous system in managing sensory input

  • You will have a better understanding of the assessment process and categories of SI dysfunction

  • We identify treatment solutions and practical sensory strategies that help your child to manage their emotions

  • You will learn about designing Sensory spaces and implementing Sensory Diets so your child is better able to tolerate sensory stimuli and focus on tasks

  • We identify other sensory related challenges relating to deeding difficulties, sleep issues and sensory related meltdowns. We recommend several strategies to manage these difficulties.

  • Course cost:

    1 person - $195

    Up to 6 people - $690 ($115 per person (pp))

    Up to 15 people - $1470 ($98 pp)

    Up to 25 people - $1625 ($65 pp and $65pp for every person after 25)

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  • Online Course with immediate access

  • 60 days access

    Additional content includes:

  • Free downloadable guidance on developing a sensory diet

  • Downloadable sensory diet template

  • Learning

  • Understand our sensory systems and how they contribute to how we manage emotions, impulsivity, focus and attention amongst other areas

  • Develop knowledge on the different types of sensory integration dysfunctions and how they impact on performance at home and at school

  • Understand how to create individualised support strategies for your child and how to design a sensory space

  • Understand other sensory related challenges like feeding difficulties, sleep issues and meltdowns. Identify appropriate strategies to support children with these issues.

  • Coming soon!

    'Supporting your child with autism'

    A practical guide to supporting a child with autism

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