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Our Post Diagnostic Support Includes

Child focused sensory training, education/planning and support

Once we have completed a sensory assessment with an individual we can offer this 2 hour training/education package for families, children and schools. The training will provide relevant parties with information about sensory processing difficulties and how they are specific to the child. We will start to look at planning a sensory diet of activities specific to the child’s challenges.

Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI) treatment sessions

Sensory Integration therapy include carefully designed and customised physical activities including structured exposure to sensory input, movement therapy and balance treatments. Sessions are typically weekly, additionally the therapists will facilitate appropriate accommodations (eg, changes to the environment or routine). These interventions will include a full post treatment report. 

Child focused autism training/education and support planning

The training will be specific to your child with the focus on setting up a plan of support and entails weekly sessions. Training is based on the Department of Health & Social Care Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People.

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