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Client Results

Here's what our clients are saying...


"Wirral Council’s SEND Commissioning Team have commissioned Conor a number of times to undertake Sensory Integration assessments and deliver Occupational Therapy interventions to some of our young people with complex special educational needs and disabilities. Conor is always very responsive and flexible to meet the needs of the child. He is able to build a rapport with our young people and always ensures that reports and requested documentation are delivered in a timely manner."

Steph Stenhouse

Commissioning Officer

Children’s Commissioning

Wirral Council


Overall I am so thankful to Conor and all those involved at Caerus Therapies for the support they provided for me and my family. As a teacher and parent I am overwhelmed how quick and professional this process was.

As someone who was fobbed off by the NHS, drained and frustrated, this was the best decision I made. 

The training received post my son's diagnosis has been so valuable. I have watched the video a number of time and made notes that I refer back to day to day. I have worked with autistic children in the past, but it is very different in the home setting and scenarios so I was overwhelmed by it all. I asked Conor several questions and each time he wasn't phased and came back with a great suggestion or two. The training made me understand what it is like for my son and how best I can support him. 

Several of the strategies he suggested have made a positive impact to my sons day to day life. He seems happier and I am able to support him more effectively in a meltdown.

As mentioned above I am overwhelmed by how quick the process was. I have been going back and forth to the NHS for a few years and been fobbed off due to my son masking in school. So to start and complete the process in the space of a month is exceptional. I couldn't believe that I had waited so long and I finally had answers.

I felt like I was listened to throughout the whole process and every question was answered in depth, with no question being "too silly". Conor was always available to talk and worked around my job to arrange phone calls to suit. I felt the process was thorough and I was listened to.

I felt the whole team involved knew my child and the report read accurately. At home I have started implementing the strategies and we as a family are finding we are more effective at supporting him, also my son is able to express his struggles to us more effectively.

I am still awaiting school to implement the suggestions made, but this is due to staffing changes. the Senco of my son's school praised the report and the depth of the feedback. 


I will continue to look on their site for new videos and training as I feel this will continue to build my knowledge to support my child and my family further. 


I will forever be grateful for Caerus therapies and recommend them to other people. 

Vasoulla Socratous



Conor Mc Donagh of Caerus Therapies undertook an assessment of my 10 year old son who is diagnosed autistic/ dyspraxia, which led to a 12 week sensory integration programme run by Conor himself. 

These sessions were split between home and school so that both us as parents, and our son’s school support worker, could learn from them in order to support our child going forward. 

Conor’s knowledge, and his ability to explain very complex issues to us as parents, our 10-year-old child, and his school support teacher was impressive and has given us a much better understanding of our son’s condition. 

Conor quickly developed a strong rapport with my son, who always looked forward to his sessions. We have all learnt so much from Conor and he has given us some really effective strategies/ tools which we are continuing to use with positive outcomes. 

His assessment and written report were extremely thorough and detailed and have been invaluable in helping us to understand our son’s difficulties and how best to support them. 

My son was diagnosed 6 years ago, and since then we have come into contact with numerous therapists. Conor is the best we’ve seen, and I would wholeheartedly recommend his services. 

We are very grateful for the help he has given us.

Charlotte Thompson


Mr. Hussain

Caerus Therapies have been extremely helpful in guiding me to understanding my daughter’s requirements.

From start to finish, Conor was very accommodating and professional. The time it took from the initial call to the report being finalized was very quick.

The report Conor wrote up was really in-depth and concise, the report has been really beneficial in making the necessary adaptations to my daughter’s daily life both at home and school, which has positively changed her behaviors in both settings. The training video has also assisted both the school and I to understand why these behaviors were occurring and how to assist my daughter in dealing with these by making small adjustments.

There was a lot of care and compassion through-out the whole process. Overall, based on my experiences, I would highly recommend Caerus Therapies.

Felicia Worwood


Lawven Francis

We found Conor not only extremely professional but knowledgeable and supportive.

Due to our fifteen year old struggling with various tasks at home and school. We needed help fast especially with the aftermath of Covid.

Conor was always reliable and punctual with appointments and took his time to explain the whole assessment process. Also he put our fifteen year old at ease, which is a miracle in itself.

The assessment arrived quickly and Conor sat with us and went through it and answered any questions or concerns we had. His advice was brilliant especially coping strategies and practical solutions to use.

We believe the most important part for us was not only getting the diagnosis but Conor’s personal touch in helping us to understand and support our fifteen year old. We can’t recommend Conor enough. His advice has been invaluable to ourselves and fifteen year old.

From Julie and Ian Howe.

Julie & Ian Howe


Emma Taylor

We are very grateful for the support Caerus Therapies gave us. From the start Conor was both patient and helpful in explaining various areas of dyspraxia too us. When working with my son, who suffers from anxiety as well, he quickly built up a positive relationship, put him at ease and made the session fun.


The report we received was detailed and had many helpful and focused areas for us and my son's school to work on both now and future years.


We are really grateful for the support we received from Conor.

Rebecca Herbert


As parents we were deeply concerned about the lack of support for son’s sensory needs.

Conor was absolutely fantastic in his professionalism, feedback and promptness. We felt like a team to help our son.

I highly recommend Conor to any parent.

Surjit Dhami


A friendly, holistic and nurturing approach is provided to us by Conor who is flexible in his delivery and who meets the needs of our child.

He employs a hands-on approach and models workable strategies that include our child interests, engaging them in a variety of sensory integration activities. Through his approach he provides training and advice for us as parents enabling us to understand our child better in order to help them further.

Conor has made a real difference for our daughter, improved our knowledge and understanding of sensory integration therapy and has helped to restore calm for our family.

We couldn’t thank him enough and would recommend him without hesitation.  


Carol Mc Dermott

Carol Mc Dermott


I have worked with Conor for over 2 years in a specialist setting.

Conor is highly skilled in his field and always works with the upmost professionalism. He is an integral member of our team, and completes valuable assessments that contribute to the support that we give to the children.

Conor is an excellent communicator and is an easy person to get on with. I would highly recommend him to complete work for your agency.

Rachel Speech and Language Therapist


Speech & Language Therapist

Some refer to him as Conor McDonaugh, we just call him ‘The Irish Legend’! 

My son’s LSA (Learning Support Assistant) actually considered a career change, she was so impressed with what she learnt from him! 

He’s taught us all so much. His depth of knowledge and understanding of how the brain and body work and how to stimulate and calm different areas is exceptional and he is by far and away the best we’ve ever seen. 

Ewan Thompson


Nikki Thumpson

After receiving our daughter's diagnosis of autism we wanted to learn more about how to support her and what strategies we could put in place to help with some of the difficulties she has. The supporting people with autism course was so informative, it provided us with so much information to help us to understand not only how to support our daughter, but also to understand the reasons behind why she has these difficulties.

Our daughters' main difficulties are sensory processing difficulties, anxiety, eating and sleeping, the course breaks down each section in modules so it is easy to understand and also gives you the opportunity to take a break before starting the next section. Which we found very beneficial as there is so much information to take on board without this we would have found it very overwhelming. We also found the visual information really helpful.

This course has given us the confidence to create a plan to support our daughter, we have already tried a number of the strategies recommended which we have already noticed the benefit of and have many more to try.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain the knowledge and confidence to support someone with autism. Thank you. 

Nikki Thumpson


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